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Lunchroom Policy

     We would like to stress the importance of children going home for lunch during the day.  It is a nice break from the school routine.  However, if your child must stay for lunch it is expected that parents will pay for the use of the service provided. A Lunchtime Supervision Service Registration form is required to be completed for all students who will use this service and students who may only use the Service on a casual basis during the year. Lunch Time Service fees are charged to all students (those who live in the area and those who choose to attend Fraser School but live in another community) except the students who are staying for lunch because of staff members’ request.  If your family is facing a financial hardship or family circumstances, please contact the school for an Alternate Lunchtime Payment form.  If you have paid fees and are moving or have made other arrangements for monthly supervision, we will refund (prorated) your fees. 

     Students are required to bring their own lunch from home. MICROWAVES ARE NOT AVAILABLE.   Lunch time service fees are due by September 30, 2023 or partial payment may be made monthly and are payable by cash, Visa or Mastercard.  Fee sheets (receipts) are posted to SchoolZone.  Lunch Time Service fees cover the salaries of lunch staff.  For monthly/yearly users, we ask that parents notify the school office if alternate lunch arrangements have been made for that day or if their child will no longer be staying for lunch on a monthly basis.

Cooperation, respect and consideration for others will be required at all times.  Students should follow these guidelines:

1. Bring your lunch kit, outdoor equipment (e.g. ball, etc.), outside shoes, and appropriate outdoor clothing (if needed, e.g. toque, mitts, winter/spring jacket, scarf)

2. Parents, please do not send popcorn, sunflower seeds, or knives from home. Knives are available at the school

3. Register with the lunchroom staff so they know you are in the school—if assigned seating is in effect, please go to your assigned table

4. Sit and eat lunch quietly, talking with friends.

5. Please clean your eating area (table, under the table, under the chair)

6. Put garbage in the garbage can and your lunch kit in the proper bin

7. Finish eating and drinking inside as drinks and food are not allowed outside due to garbage found on the ground.

8. All students who stay for lunch must stay on the school premises or grounds.

Students are required to follow  the Fraser Student Code for Success, while supervised by the Lunchroom Assistants.  If the student continues to exhibit inappropriate behaviour, the student will be removed from the lunchroom and may be asked to remain in the office for one or more lunch breaks. Should the student continue exhibiting inappropriate behaviours, the parent will be notified to  make out-of-school arrangements for lunch.



Per Child 150.00/year





Nut allergies can result in a severe reaction, or even death.  Decreasing the presence of nut products will help keep children with severe allergies safe at school.

Eating nuts (or foods containing traces of nuts) can leave residue on your hands and face, which can contaminate shared areas of the school.  Please help to ensure that all areas in the school are safe for all students by scrubbing hands and wiping mouths after you eat foods that contain nut products.

Fraser School is not a NUT Sensitive school.  Carefully check labels before sending snacks/food to the school.  For more information on nut allergies please visit the Alberta Health Services website.