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    At Fraser we believe it is important that we assist our students in the development of the work habits, leadership skills and social abilities which will allow them to become happy, responsible and contributing members of our community.

    For the 2018-19 school year, we planned for 14 classrooms at Fraser with one morning kindergarten class and one afternoon kindergarten class, two grade 1 classes, two grade 2 classes, one grade 3 class, one combined grade 3/4 class, one grade 4 class, a grade 5 class, one combined grade 5/6 class and a grade 6 class.  Fraser School is currently a district site for two classes of  Interactions at the Division I level.

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    Our extra-curricular programs provide students important opportunities to contribute to our school community, to develop their leadership, to experience new things and to have fun!

    Fraser students can pursue interests and develop their leadership through their participation in a variety of clubs and activities.



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The Fraser Staff extends a warm welcome to all students and their families. We provide the community a strong learning environment made possible by dedicated staff, great students and committed parents.

At Fraser School we are committed to:

• working collaboratively and creatively to meeting the academic needs of students

• providing quality curriculum-based instruction

• enhancing and enriching learning support using technology

• providing a positive discipline program and character education that promotes a safe, caring  environment and teaches perseverance, leadership and responsibility

• maintaining open communication with parents, our most important partners in learning


Principal's Message

On behalf of the staff of Fraser school I would like to express how privileged we feel to work with your children. It is our priority to provide them with a safe, warm, caring and engaging learning environment; one which both honors our diversity and challenges us to work as a community.

At Fraser, we believe in the incredible potential of our students to learn and the power of a positive educational experience in opening doors of opportunity in their futures. As an elementary school, our goal is to help your children develop the solid foundational skills on which to build their future educational endeavors. We work hard to support our students in their literacy and numeracy learning. We provide learning experiences that will allow your children to become increasingly independent, to explore technology, to connect to their community and the world, to express their creativity and to achieve their potential.

We also know that successful students and adults possess positive character traits.  At Fraser we are proud of the character education plan, “Dragon Pride” we are currently designing and implementing. We support our students in developing empathy, leadership, responsibility and perseverance; qualities that research is showing will help prepare our children for happy, successful lives as contributing citizens in our community.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved in the school, we encourage you to contact our office or to join our parent volunteers on “Friends of Fraser” and be a part of our community making a difference for our students and school!