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Fraser's Literacy Plan


Every Child, Every Day”

At Fraser School  we are committed to the use research-based common instructional practices to  enhance the engagement and achievement in reading and writing for all Fraser students.


  • We are committed to using the best research-based practices for literacy learning – minimizing the use of worksheets and workbooks.
  • We are committed to a school-wide focus on comprehension strategies. (Using Pictures, Visualizing, Self-Monitoring, Making Connections, Making Predictions, Synthesizing)
  • Students will have access to reading materials that they can read accurately and understand.
  • Students will have an opportunity to read something of their own choosing each day.
  •  Students will listen to an adult read aloud each day.
  • Students in every classroom will read materials at their instructional level and teachers will continually assess to plan for their students’ reading learning.  (This is the purpose of our guided reading, reading workshops, literature circles and book clubs.)


  • We are committed to providing students with writing opportunities each day.
  • We are committed to providing students with the opportunity to collaborate prior to writing.
  • We are committed to using technology in the classroom to facilitate writing.
  • We are committed to using our Fraser Writing Portfolios 2 to 3 times a year to show student growth and to set goals for student writing.
  • Students will have fun and pleasurable experiences with a variety of  language experiences.
  • Students will identify elements of good writing using writing portfolios.
  • Students will have choices in their writing topics.