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Special Education Programs


Two division 1 (grade 1, 2, & 3) Interactions programs are housed at our school.

This program is designed to address the needs of students who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. A range of disabilities fall under this program but most apparent are the difficulties these students may have with behaviour and/or communications skills.

It is our intent to make this program an integral part of the school culture. Students in the program will be included in regular classes whenever it makes academic and social sense for them to be there and if it enhances the opportunities for learning for student in the regular program. This program brings us a level of expertise that will allow us to work with all students who are experiencing behavioural and communication difficulties. Parents are active members of the learning team. An Individual Program Plan is developed with the learning team each year.


Fraser is based on an inclusive school philosophy. This means that we welcome all students that live in our community. School staff along with parents form a learning team that meets together to establish an Individual Program Plan (IPP) for the student. Any adaptations to curriculum and learning objectives are carefully monitored to ensure ongoing success. Student strengths are celebrated and further developed to bring about further learning.